Get the opinion of menopause experts on the launch of Menocare at the 18th World Congress on Menopause.

President of the AEEM. Head of the Gynecological Oncology Unit at Hospital Clínico San Carlos.

Dr. Pluvio Coronado
President AEEM / Chief Gynecological Oncology

Director of the Palacios Women's Health Clinic. Founding member of the AEEM and the European Menopause Society (SEM). President of the private medicine section of SEGO.

Dr. Santiago Palacios
Palacios Clinic Director / AEEM Founder

Gynecologist at Clínica Sagrada Família. Coordinator of the AEEM Natural Products group. Menoguia Co-Author of Natural Products in Mature Women 2022 and Natural Products in Metabolic Syndrome 2016.

Dr. Fernando Losa
Sagrada Familia Clinic Gynecologist / AEEM Group

Gynecologist at Hospital Quirónsalud Zaragoza. Member of the Board of Directors of the AEEM.

Dr. Laura Baquedano
Gynecologist / AEEM Board of Directors

Medical Deputy Director, Research Coordinator and Clinical Head of the Menopause and Osteoporosis Unit at HM Gabinete Velázquez. Secretary of the Board of Directors of the AEEM.

Dr. Silvia P González
Head of the Menopause Clinic / AEEM Board of Directors

Co-director of the Barcelona Institute of Sexology and President of the Spanish Federation of Sexology Societies. Coordinator of the AEEM and SEGO sexology group.

Dr. Francisca Molero
Sexologist / AEEM and SEGO sexology group

More rest, fewer hot flashes

The new solution for restoring one´s night rest and getting rid of the hot flashes and insomnia typical of menopause. Fully formulated with hormone and isoflavone-free natural ingredients.

What is Menocare®?

The innovative formulation of Menocare tablets, free of hormones or isoflavones, has the same natural ingredient base aimed at soothing hot flashes as Libicare Meno. This is a powerful combination that has proven a high efficacy in various clinical trials regarding the number and severity of hot flashes and reducing them up to 95% in just 3 months.

Moreover, users have stressed that the effects of Libicare Meno and Menocare can be observed from week two of treatment.

Beyond soothing hot flashes, Menocare also helps to improve quality and quantity of sleep, providing a deeper rest during the night and allowing a better physical and mental recovery, which is key in recovering vitality and starting a new day with energy and in a good mood.

Improvements shown and published by the AEEM (Spanish Menopause Society) in the following reference: Camil Castelo-Branco, et al. Gynecological Endocrilogy, 2022.

More rest, fewer hot flashes

How can it help you?

A good night’s rest is one of the basic pillars of our physical, mental and emotional health and it cannot be ignored in any phase of our life. If we don’t get enough sleep our cognitive abilities will be undermined, our physical performance will decrease, our immune system will be disturbed, our skin appearance will deteriorate and our weariness, discomfort and mood will worsen.

Benefits of 
MENOCARE® Tablets:

It is therefore essential to ensure quality rest every night, with restful sleep and no interruptions due to awakenings or insomnia issues. This will also ease stress, nervousness, and irritability feelings, significantly increasing our wellbeing and life quality.

Why does it work?

100% Natural and bio-optimized ingredient efficacy

The positive outcomes experienced by users when taking a Menocare table every night are due to its unique formulation based on 100% natural and bio-optimized ingredients, with well-proven properties and benefits for female health:


Es una molécula que genera nuestro cuerpo y que es la responsable de controlar nuestros ciclos de sueño y vigilia. Durante la menopausia, mejora la calidad del sueño y disminuye el tiempo necesario para conciliarlo.​


Además de ser el responsable de disminuir los sofocos, el lúpulo también alivia los síntomas leves de estrés mental y ayuda a dormir.​

Cimicífuga racemosa

El extracto de esta raíz ha demostrado su eficacia en la mejora del estado anímico y la calidad del sueño, disminuyendo los despertares nocturnos y sofocos.​

Amapola de California​

Conocida planta medicinal que ayuda a aliviar el insomnio, la ansiedad y las alteraciones del sueño por agitación nerviosa​.


This is a molecule secreted by our body responsible for controlling our sleeping and waking cycle. During menopause, it helps to improve sleep quality and decreases the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.​


Besides being responsible for decreasing hot flashes, it also soothes mild mental stress symptoms and helps to fall asleep.​

Actaea Racemosa

This root’s extract has proven to be effective in improving mood and sleep quality, by decreasing nocturnal awakenings and hot flashes.​

California Poppy​

This is a well-known medicinal plant which helps to ease insomnia, anxiety, and sleep disturbances due to nervous agitation.​

Is this for me? when should I use it?

Menocare® is recommended for easing and treating female climacteric symptoms during the menopausal transition, menopause, and post-menopause, and is suitable for any user with mild-to-moderate symptoms, without a doctor’s prescription.

It is especially recommended for women suffering from sleeping disorders caused by hot flashes, nervousness, irritability, or nocturnal awakenings, among others, resulting in a poorer quality of life and a state of physical and mental exhaustion. 

Treatment involves taking a daily tablet before going to sleep, and the length of treatment will depend on each woman’s severity and frequency of symptomatology. Treatment can safely be extended for several years.

  If in doubt, we recommend you seek your gynecologist or pharmacist’s advice.

How to use?

Take one tablet every night half an hour before going to sleep

Minimum length of treatment to obtain successful results is 3 months; however, effects on symptomatology can be observed much earlier, even from the start of intake.

Since this is a food supplement and not a medicinal product, it can be taken safely for years.

  If in doubt, we recommend you seek your gynecologist or pharmacist’s advice.

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