More life and fewer hot flashes

Specifically formulated for soothing menopause symptoms, day or night,
and with 100% natural ingredients. Hormone and isoflavone-free.

What is Libicare® Meno?

Libicare® Meno is a nutraceutical product made following an innovative formulation based on 100% natural ingredients, whose clinical evidence has shown high effectiveness against the most troubling symptoms related to menopause: according to data collected throughout several scientific studies, up to 95% of women experienced a decrease in the number and severity of hot flashes after three months of treatment.

In most cases, such relief started to be evident from week two of treatment.

This supplement has a two-distinguished-tablet format aimed at a comprehensive action on all the symptoms: the  DAY tablet acts by increasing vitality and sexual wellbeing, while the  NIGHT tablet guarantees a sound night’s sleep, without disturbing awakenings or hot flashes.

This is also the only one addressing the metabolic syndrome by means of a unique substance extracted from the olive leaf. 


More life and fewer hot flashes

How can it help you?

As remarked by the users taking part in Libicare® Meno clinical trials, you start feeling better from week two of treatment, experiencing fewer hot flashes and more restful sleep. You will gradually also feel other benefits, such as a better mood, a libido recovery and the prevention of the metabolic syndrome. In short, you will feel with more life and fewer hot flashes!

Benefits of the
DAY tablet

Increased vitality, sense of wellbeing and overall energy.

Decrease of up to 95% of hot flashes after 3 months of treatment (with a decrease of 35% within the first 30 days).

Sexual desire and pleasure improvement: Increased arousal in more than 80% of users and enhanced sexual pleasure in 70% of cases.

Benefits of the 
NIGHT tablet

Relief of hot flashes to 95% after 3 months of treatment (with a decrease of 35% within the first 30 days).

Improvement in getting to sleep.

Anxiety and irritability reduction.

Helps to improve the metabolic syndrome

Moreover, this comprehensive treatment, along with a healthy lifestyle, also helps to improve the metabolic syndrome, a condition that may appear with menopause affecting female cardiovascular health and predisposing her to weight gain and body composition changes. During this cycle, and due to this syndrome, it is very common for the feminine curvilinear shape to be changed, along with an increased abdominal girth and blood pressure alteration, which may result in an increased cardiovascular risk.

Why does it work?
100% Natural and bio-optimized ingredients

The amazing outcomes of the trials showing up to 95% of efficacy in decreasing hot flashes after three months of treatment have been made possible by the innovative formulation of Libicare® Meno, with 100% natural yet highly efficient ingredients in enhancing vitality, reducing hot flashes and improving night’s rest, including:


It is an extract of Humulus lupulus containing a powerful molecule up to 100 times stronger than isoflavones in relieving hot flashes and related symptoms. Its main benefits are a reduction of hot flashes, relief of mental and emotional stress symptoms, and an improvement in sleep quality.

Cimicifuga Racemosa

It acts on the central nervous system by soothing vasomotor discomfort, such as hot flashes, night sweats or palpitations, and helping to improve night’s rest, as well as other emotional symptoms, including nervousness and irritability

Libicare® Meno is a unique product combining Luprenol® and Cimicifuga Racemosa. This two-ingredient synergy efficiently acts on and treat vasomotor and emotional symptoms with extremely positive results, since it acts upon the same symptomatology by means of two different mechanisms of action.


This compound is extracted from the olive leaf and has very powerful antioxidant properties that help to prevent cardiovascular risk and the abdominal girth increase which is common to menopause as a result of estrogen deficiency.

Along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, it also aids to prevent the oxidation of LDL (low-density lipoproteins or “bad cholesterol”), helping to control cardiovascular risk.


This is a molecule physiologically secreted by our body which helps to reduce the time required to fall asleep and stabilize our circadian rhythm.

Trigonella, Tribulus, Damiana and Gingko Biloba

This is a unique combination available in the market (only existing in the Libicare® line) that has proven to have an improvement in female sexual function quality in 86% of patients taking part in the LIBIPIL and LIBIDOBS trials:

Evidence has shown that by combining these plants:


Boost sexual desire and arousal.


Improve sexual pleasure.


Improve lubrication.


Enhance orgasm.

Vitamins and
Essential Minerals

Libicare® Meno provides the daily dose of Vitamin D recommended by the Spanish Menopause Society (AEEM) for preventing osteoporosis, as well as B vitamins, selenium and zinc, all of which are micronutrients that are key to improve wellbeing and vitality, with an antioxidant effect, that enhance physical performance and help to maintain a proper metabolism.

Is this for me?
when to take it

Libicare® Meno can be taken by any woman with mild to moderate symptoms related to this stage.

It consists of a  DAY tablet (which improves vitality and libido and relieves hot flashes) and a  NIGHT tablet (which helps to relieve hot flashes and improves one’s rest). However, if you only require the benefits of one of the tablets, you can choose just one!

Length of treatment will depend on the severity and symptomatology of each woman, and this is a supplement which can be taken safely for years, with no side effects observed.

It does not require medical prescription. However, if in doubt, we recommend you speak to your gynecologist or ask your pharmacist for advice.

How to use?

Take one DAY (golden) tablet in the morning with breakfast and one NIGHT (purple) tablet before going to bed

Minimum length of treatment to obtain successful results is 3 months; however, effects on symptomatology can be observed much earlier, even from the start of intake. Since this is a food supplement and not a medicinal product, it can be taken safely for years.

If in doubt, seek your gynecologist’s advice

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