What is libicare®?

Nowadays, experiencing periods of decreased vitality, energy and sexual desire is something normal. However, when this trend is maintained over time, there are natural origin-based solutions such as the Libicare® line, which can help you enjoy sexual relations and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Several clinical trials have shown that combining Libicare® Tablets and Libicare® Intimate Gel, both 100% hormone-free and formulated with natural ingredients, helps to have a pleasing sexual experience by improving sexual desire and arousal during sexual relations.


92% of patients improved their sexual activity

El 92% de las pacientes mejoraron la calidad de su actividad sexual

Libicare® has been shown to improve sexual activity by increasing sexual desire,
arousal, orgasm, sexual pleasure and lubrication.

of patients improved their score in

Sexual desire

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Sexual pleasure

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Boost your vitality and drive your sexual desire

How can it help you?

Testosterone is the hormone responsible for regulating vitality and sexual drive, but its levels start declining with age, often causing a decreased sexual desire.

Although testosterone plays a key role, female sexual dysfunctions may be more complex and/or involve a combination of different physical, psychological or pharmacological factors. In fact, one of the most common causes for female sexual dysfunction is the intake of certain drugs, such as antidepressant drugs or oral contraceptives.

Decreased sexual desire is one of the most common female sexual dysfunctions, and this condition is usually accompanied by the inability to achieve orgasm, pain during intercourse, lack of sexual pleasure, feelings of anxiety over sexual performance and vaginal lubrication issues.

However, you do not need to worry because there is a natural solution for that and Libicare® can help you enjoy your sexual relations again.

Libicare® Benefits 

Boosts free endogenous testosterone, which is key to vitality and female sexual desire

Promotes sexual drive, orgasm, lubrication, and sexual pleasure.

Decreases pain during intercourse.


Libicare® Tablets

Libicare® tablets is a food supplement made of plant extracts that promotes vitality and female sexual desire, as shown in various clinical trials. It is a 100% natural and hormone-free product indicated for women with low sexual desire, whether this is due to postpartum or contraceptives intake, among other causes



It has a beneficial effect on sexual function,
and improves emotional wellbeing and physical energy


It boosts female sexual desire and pleasure.


It is an aphrodisiac and invigorating extract which helps relieving fatigue.

Ginkgo Biloba Phytosomes

It increases blood flow to the genitals, causing a venotonic effect.

B1, B2, B3 and B6

They elevate mood and increase wellbeing and vitality.


It has a significant antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capacity, improving physical performance.


Tiene un efecto positivo en la
función sexual.
mejora el bienestar emocional y la energía física.


Aumenta el deseo y la satisfacción sexual de la mujer.


Afrodisíaco y tónico para la fatiga.

Fitosomas de Ginkgo Biloba

Posee un efecto venotónico aumentando el flujo sanguíneo en los genitales.

B1,B2,B3 Y B6

Mejoran el estado de ánimo aumentando el bienestar y la vitalidad.


Importante antioxidante y antinflamatorio que mejora el desempeño físico.

Libicare® Intimate Gel

Complementing the effect of the tablets, Libicare® Intimate Gel provides a more intense sexual experience by means of a combination of natural ingredients increasing your private area sensitivity, accelerating climax and enhancing pleasing feelings.

Ingredients include:

Hyaluronic Acid Niosomes – Kaempferol:

Its combined effect increases penetration into tissues and extends the moisturizing effect, enhancing tissue elasticity.

Invigorating Complex

It increases sexual craving and extends sexual relations length.


It helps to improve sexual performance and desire, by working as vasodilator.

Ginkgo biloba

It increases blood flow, boosting arousal and sensitivity.

Brazilian Ginseng

It increases microcirculation and enhances tactile sense.

Niosomas de ácido hialurónico – Kaempferol:

Su efecto combinado incrementa la penetración en los tejidos y prolonga el efecto hidratante, aumentando la elasticidad del tejido.

Complejo estimulador

Aumenta el deseo y la satisfacción sexual de la mujer.


Contribuye a aumentar el rendimiento y el deseo sexual, gracias a que actúa como vasodilatador.

Ginkgo biloba

Aumenta el flujo sanguíneo incrementando la excitación y sensibilidad.

Ginseng brasileño

Aumenta la microcirculación y mejora la percepción táctil.

Who is this for?

Sexual hormones — whether androgens (testosterone) or estrogen (estradiol) — play an important role in female sexuality and wellbeing. These decrease with age and up to at least 50% during menopause. Such hormonal decreases results in reduced energy, decreased bone density, loss of muscle mass and decreased sexual desire.

Libicare® is indicated for all those women already immersed in the menopause process, but also for those who are not yet in menopause, but are experiencing a decrease of sexual hormones and subsequent symptoms (decreased energy, sexual desire and wellbeing) due to any other factors, such as hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), prescription drugs use (some types of antidepressants and oral contraceptives, etc.), as well as high levels of stress. Besides, hormonal imbalances usually impact sexual desire, as it happens with pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Decreased sexual desire may also be due to psychological issues, such as inadequate education, conflicting religious values, social taboos, body image concerns or even stress. So, if you happen to experience any of those and feel a decrease in your sexual desire…

Libicare® can help you!

How to use it ?

Libicare® Tablets

They must be taken consistently. Effects on vitality are usually noticeable from day two of treatment, and effects on libido can be felt from the second month, due to the natural increase of testosterone.

2 tablets
 per day.

Libicare® Intimate Gel

It must be applied on your outer intimate area with your fingertips and gently massaged in order to increase sensitivity on your intimate area.

2 application doses on external genital area.

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